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16 years of trust from more than 500 leading organizations in Thailand. We are a stable and secure company with over decade of experience providing mobile business solutions to a diverse range of clients.


Consulting and implementation. We have an active professional team with actual experience in SMS Marketing/CRM implementation with is ready to provide personalized individual consultation in order to create the highest benefits to customers.

Performance and Security

Easy to use, fast, flexible, secure, and stable solution. These are our concept for all SMS solutions. We also provide SMS Servers which a level of stability and security accepted by banks and leading financial institutions.

DIGITAL INTEGRATED MARKETING The best mobile marketing.

Developed for corporate use, our SMS broadcasting solutions are perfect tools for marketing, CRM, service and business operation.

With our solution, you can communicate directly via SMS with thousands of individuals in a matter of minutes.

Tools to help manage marketing transactions Can be done easily, conveniently, quickly and can control expenses Designed to suit every situation in line with your lifestyle. SMS sending system will allow you to send news, promotions, birthday wishes. Or even sending encouraging messages can be easily done


SMS program features

In addition to marketing tools We also have tools developed to meet the needs of customers in every business. So you can run your business efficiently with tools for managing marketing in each business.


Easy to use and reduces the time it takes to prepare and organize data before sending an SMS.

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This program connects with hospitals’ patient appointment databases in order to automatically send appointment data to each patient by SMS.

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Program streamlines the type of work done by call centers by generating and completing a template which is then used to notify customers.

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Has been developed to connect with our customers’ databases and then automatically deliver large amounts of information.

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Tel. 019339244, 019339233